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At Shades of Home we’ve made it our mission to ensure every single window in every single home gets the focus and attention it truly deserves – transforming your windows from a blank canvas into the centerpiece of your room.  

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California Shutters supplied and installed in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke and throughout the GTA


As a family owned business with over 25 years of experience, Shades of Home measures, designs, supplies and installs Custom Wood Shutters.


From the moment you first contact us, you can feel completely confident with our knowledge and experience.  Our clients are ‘walked-through’ the entire design process so they can be confident in the investment they are making in their home

Our designers will work with you and recommend the most appropriate design for your windows.

From start to finish we make your decision easy.

For a LIMITED TIME we are offering our PREMIUM WOOD CLEARVIEW shutters for the same price as our traditional centre tilt shutters.

If you thought you had to settle for a Vinyl Shutter to get a CLEAR unobstructed view, the you HAVE TO SEE our PREMIUM CUSTOM WOOD Shutters with CLEARVIEW.

We invite you to see, touch, feel and compare our shutters to other wood shutters in the market, compare the finish, compare the construction, compare the finish – COMPARE THE WARRANTY

We Know you’ll choose PREMIUM CUSTOM WOOD SHUTTERS from Shades of Home

If your preference is VINYL, we recommend ECLIPSE shutters.  The NEW Ultra-Satin Finish brings Vinyl Shutters a little closer to the look and feel of wood – we’ll help you compare,


Every shutter is built from scratch. We take your window dimensions, panel configurations, divider rail locations and build your shutters from hand-selected American Yellow Poplar to exacting dimensions with care.  They are sanded, primed, sanded again and impeccably finished.


Ask us about the Hundreds of homeowners who have recommended us to their friends and neighbours.  We are VERY proud of the value we offer our clients, the quality of our products and level of service.

Custom Wood Plantation Shutters - Condominium


We are extremely happy with the service we received from start to finish of this project. The resulting products have given our entire second floor an upgrade. The shutters look good, fit perfectly and were installed very efficiently. Would definitely recommend Shades of Home.
Helen Vallender - Oakville
everything that has happened since I emailed Marie for an online quote has been more than impressive – Marie returned every email promptly and the gentlemen who both measured and then installed were great to deal with, punctual and NEAT ! I’m extremely happy with everything from a business point and as for the shutters themselves – just perfect and everything I’d hoped they would be … I would without question recommend shades of home to anyone who asks – I actually already have !
Michelle - Etobicoke
We had an excellent experience with Shades of Home. From Marie’s consultation, to the installation, everything was great! Marie even followed up a few days after the install to make sure everything was as expected. I’ll admit that we did explore other options before going with Shades of Home, but they back their work and were very competitively priced. Very satisfied!
Jeffrey Kargas - Oakville

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Benefits of wood shutters

  • Window Shutters offer many benefits over the more traditional window furnishing options. Due to their bespoke finish, shutters can be made to fit almost any window or special shape. Shutters offer complete flexibility, with how you control the light, they are low maintenance, help with sound insulation, afford privacy and actually help to insulate your home from the cold.
  • Low maintenance and health benefits
    Compared to more traditional window coverings, interior shutters require very little maintenance. An occasional quick wipe down will keep them clean. Dust does not collect on shutters in the same manner it does in fabric curtains and blinds. A build-up of dust can become a breeding ground for dust mites. Plantation shutters are perfect for those who suffer from allergies and want to avoid dusty environments.
  • Privacy and perceived security.
    Particularly suitable for properties adjacent to streets, the lower louvres of a shutter panel can be tilted closed, whilst the top section louvres tilted open or indeed top panels in tier on tier shutters, can be opened right back. You can control the light in your property but your privacy is always maintained.
  • Sound and thermal insulation
    When the panel doors and louvres are closed the shutters provide a layer of sound insulation. The timber barrier insulates your room, keeping warmth in during the winter thus helping to reduce your heating bills. In the summer, opening your windows and keeping panels closed assists in keeping unwanted heat out, whilst allowing the air to circulate.
  • UV protection and flexible light control.
    Shutter louvres can be angled to control how much light enters a room to the extent that harmful UV rays can be directed away in order to protect furniture and flooring. When more light is required, shutter panels can be fully opened back to allow a clear view through the window. The shutters themselves are finished with an invisible UV protective layer. This protects the paint or wood stain finish from fading and prevents the panels from warping.
  • Investment and curb appeal.
    Because interior shutters are now such a desired window dressing, you should consider them a sound investment for your home. They can disguise unsightly PVC windows and because they are a permanent fixture, they could help increase the potential price of your property.

Wood Shutters – Tips & Advice

Are shutters suitable for a bathroom?

Bathroom vanities are constructed of wood and finished to resist humidity just as our Custom Wood Shutters are, even in a well used family washroom.

The exception being an older home where the bathroom window is the showroom or bathtub enclosure.  Then we would recommend a Vinyl Shutter for that opening.

As with any finished wood furnishings, it is important to wipe off excess water on any lacquered surface, and that is the only care they require!

Are you looking for shutters for an odd-shaped window? 

As our shutters are made-to-measure and individually crafted to meet your requirements, we can fit them to virtually any size and shape of window. So even if you have the most problematic of shaped windows, there is a good chance we can make your shutters to fit perfectly.

Full Arches, Eyebrow Arches, Quarter Arches
Ovals, Triangles, Trapazoids, Widows Peaks
Bishops Peaks

ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIALTY “TABLAUX TRACERIES” as an architectural option/feature for the upper portion of your shutters

Do you want your shutters to match a particular paint shade?

Your shutters should look like they were an integral part of your home, not something that was obviously added after-the-fact.  Aside from our basic whites, our shutters are available in an unlimited range of colours.  All we require is the colour code, a bit of leftover trim paint, a piece of painted trim, cabinet door, flooring, ceramics or whatever colour you are trying to match.

And if you need help selecting a colour, your designer can make experienced suggestions.

Do you need shutters to fit a patio door?

B-Fold ~ Pairs of panels are hinged together to allow the shutters to bi-fold and rest beside the patio door.

Bi-Pass ~ Where room is available, the shutters are mounted on a track allowing the shutters to be stacked clear of the door without having them open into the room.

Tracked ~ are the perfect choice for wide expanses of glass like oversized patio doors and even extra wide or multiple windows. They allow for multiple shutter panels which fold together neatly as they open.

Do you need flexible control over light and privacy?

All of our shutters give you complete control over light and privacy, but tier-on-tier shutters have top and bottom tiers which open independently of each other, giving you the flexibility to decide where you want the light and privacy the most.  Alternatively café style shutters fix to just the bottom half of your window, allowing the light to come into your room from the top.

How do I decide on the right louver width for my shutters?

Our shutters come in four different louvres widths. The wider louvres let more light into your room when open, making them a particularly good choice for larger windows. Shutters with wider louvres also have a more contemporary look and feel, which can look really dramatic at your windows. Narrower louvres provide greater privacy and are ideally suited to smaller windows.

Are shutters suitable for a child’s bedroom?

Shutters are a fantastic choice for a child’s bedroom or nursery, as the classic style will stand the test of time as well as future design schemes, when your little one grows up and their room is redecorated. What’s more, shutters are inherently safe by design, as they feature no operating cords or chains.


Don’t assume shutters are many times the price of other standard window coverings.  Provide us with the rough measurements of your windows and we would be happy to get back to you with an estimate.  If you are happy with the price we would be happy to come to your home for an in-home consultation.

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