Adding motorized shades to your home is simple with the help of the experts at Shades of Home. 

About us

We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer to each and every individual who calls, comes into one of our showrooms or we see in their homes.

Many consumers believe that: service+knowledge+experience+advice = higher prices.
That’s simply not the case at Shades of Home, an assumption that can lead to paying too much for inferior products, paying to much for quality or believing you purchased quality but them having buyers remorse because the shades you bought are not able to do what you want for the price you’ve paid.

We offer the best motorization products and accessories at the best price.  Products we stand behind with product knowledge and service.

We invite you to make Shades of Home one of your stops along the way as you shop for motorized shades for your home.

Complimentary in-home consultations have always been a service we offer, so ask us about an in-home consultation today!

Motorized window treatments

Did you know?

Adding motorized shades to your reno adds value that will be recouped upon the sale of your home.*

With very few alterations we can install shades that look and operate exactly like hard-wired without the associated electrical costs – including all the bells and whistles to integrate with apps, voice activated controls, remote options and more.

*source: association of american real estate brokers

Start Here

Look at your windows (take a picture – it’s worth a thousand words.)  Measure the rough opening (width x height).  Bring the photos on your phone and measurements to a showroom nearest you to get an idea of what type of motorization and what type of shade.

You can always email us the photos & dimensions and questions to: [email protected]


Measure the depth you have in the window to see if you have enough room to mount the type of motorized shade you’re interested in having in your window.  Typically you will need 1 1/2″ of clear, flat mounting surface so the shade can be mounted square and secure.

Power  – the shades have to have power to operate and the first question is how?

Battery Wand – the shade comes with a battery wand that is mounted separately from the shade and plugged into the motor end of the shade. Typically the batteries are standard ‘AA’ alkaline or lithium. 

Rechargeable Motor – The motors have internal Ni-Cad or Lithium batteries that require charging from time to time.  The shade will either ‘beep’ or begin to slow down when it’s time to recharge.  Typically the charge will last between 3 – 12 months between charging depending on motor supplier.

Tall Windows – If you have inaccessible (high) windows you have the option of adding a solar battery charger to the shade. The solar charger will constantly ‘trickle charge’ the internal batteries, removing any need to replace or charge the batteries.

Plug-in  – This is an option if you aren’t concerned with having visible wires showing or the shade is too wide, tall or heavy to be operated by a 12VDC motor.  The only time we usually have to ‘hardwire’ a shade (plugging into a household outlet) is if you need an 18VDC, 24VDC or 110VDC powered shade or drapery track.

Your project deserves the attention and experience that our 25 years experience brings to the project.  We continue to be experts in the design, supply and installation of motorized shades and drapery.

Open source solutions

Rather than limit clients selection by dealing with a ‘closed loop’ supplier we are ‘open source’ giving clients a greater choice in window covering and control options spanning a number of brands including Hunter Douglas.