Ripple Fold Drapery

Ripple Fold Drapery curved track
Ripple fold drapery, a simple and elegant style, is highly sought after by interior designers and architects. They glide easily along the custom tracks. Ripplefold panels are always custom made to seamlessly cover the desired width. They are usually constructed with 2 – 2.5 times the fabric of ready-made panels.

Starting at $275 *
per lined panel based on finished width of 24″ x 96″ 

Ripplefold drapes show off the drapery fabric. More pattern and colour is visible through this style rather than lost in the folds of a pleat. Heavier weights of fabrics can also be used and will fall nicely with this style. Some heavy weight fabrics are just too thick to be used in a pleated style.

These drapes stack less than a pleated style. Where there are pleats, there’s bulk, which means you lose valuable window space. If you are looking to maximize your viewing area, then this is no doubt the ripple fold drape is for you.

Ripplefolds are selected for contemporary or modern interiors where cleanliness of line is desired. The benefits of the ripplefold are numerous, the cleanest style while functionally they are silky smooth to operate and have the strongest hanging mechanisms of any curtain.

Most drapery fabric is 54″ wide, when sewn each panel will be approximately 24″.  To determine the number of panels you’ll need to cover an opening simply take the size of the opening and divide by 24″.

Ripple Fold Sheers are a favorite to add privacy while allowing light into a room.  Fabrics are typically 120″ allowing for a continuous run of seamless fabric from wall to wall with each fold perfectly following every other.  You can choose to have ripple fold drapery as a feature, depending on the fabric choices or you can have it as a backdrop against a wall drawing attention to your home, your style, your furnishings & accessories.

Drapery Lining


  • light filtering
  • dim-out
  • black-out
  • interling
Ripplefold drapery has a clean, elegant appearance from both sides, making it a great choice for curtains in public spaces. The folds are symmetrical, making it a versatile window treatment and suitable for both traditional and modern home décor.

  • slim header tape
  • fullness choices – 80% to 120%
  • motorization available
  • Excellent choice for condominiums with large expanses
  • Expert hand-sewing and finishing with precise pattern matching and placement
  • Double-turned and blind-stitched hems; weighted corners and seams for perfect draping
  • Lining options for longevity, privacy, light control and insulation
Ripple Fold Lined Sheers Bedroom
You’ll find hundreds if not thousands of fabrics in this price range in our showrooms.

Our drapery experts will assist in selecting your drapery style, fabric, colour, accessories and drapery hardware in the showroom or in the comfort of your home.