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Planning for Motorized Shades

Even if your renovation is a simple facelift, we have multiple solutions for adding motorized shades into your home including app controls and wireless operating systems without the need for extensive tear-outs or extensive re-wiring.

Ask us about Wire-Free, Rechargeable, RTS smart controlled shades.


Running wiring through walls in existing structure takes more planning and work that in a new build where the wall are completely open.  

However, installing motorized window coverings can be added without the need to knock down more than necessary with a few planning steps.

Home Renovations Motorized window treatments

Did you know?

Adding motorized shades to your reno adds value that will be recouped upon the sale of your home.

source: association of american real estate brokers

New Windows?  – consider the depth required to mount shades within the window opening to avoid headrail projection and shade obstructions.  Depending on the type of shades to be motorized this depth will vary and where the wiring will enter the casement.  If installing rechargeable or Battery powered shades, no wiring is required but room may be needed to allow for battery wands.
Wiring – depends on the motorization type, amp requirements, voltage and control system choices.  There are plug-in options (requiring an electrical outlet close to the window) but that would a last resort.

Power requirements – depends on window and/or shade size with ultra-quiet motors able to handle shades up to 150″ x 250″ and linked shades spanning 36′.  Rechargeable motors and battery motors do not require outside power but may have size restrictions.
Pocket & Recessed Shades – ensuring the design allows room for recessed shades, size and type within a ceiling cavity.  This option, though a popular request requires a drop-ceiling or valance and a more complete tear-out and rebuild decided upon during the reno planning stages.

Your project deserves the attention and experience that our 25 years experience brings to the project.  We continue to be experts in the design, supply and installation of motorized shades and drapery.

Open source solutions

Rather than limit clients selection by dealing with a ‘closed loop’ supplier we are ‘open source’ giving clients a greater choice in window covering and control options spanning a number of brands including Hunter Douglas.