MaxXmar Single Channel Remote for 12vdc MaxXmar Motor

12 Volt DC MaxXmotor Starting at

  • Includes 1 channel remote, plug-in transformer and wall mount
Motors for Automated Shades

Add motorization to any shade with prices starting as low as

  • Includes 1 channel remote, plug-in transformer and wall mount


Rooms with Bay and Bow windows are a perfect example for justifying the purchase and installation of motorized shades.  When you have three to five windows side-by-side, it make sense to eliminate all the cords and raise or lower your shades all at once or individually remotely without having to crawl over the couch, lean over or around the side tables or worse – place your furniture to accommodate getting at the controls/cords/wands etc.  Another benefit is that when the shades are raised there are no cords, wands or chains interrupting your view.

Let’s say you have a Bay Window, three shades.  A large shade in the middle and two smaller shades on the side.

What we need are three shades, three motors, 1 remote and in this case we’d recommend using rechargeable motors so we can eliminate the need to run wires permanently from an outlet to the shades.

Shades – $500
Motors – 3 x $160 = $480
5 Channel Remote & 1 recharger  $85
Total $1065

Tax & installation not included

How much does it cost to install motorized shades in my home or condo?

You have to set aside the cost of the manual shade as motorization is added to the

We need the answers to the following questions in order to recommend the best solution that includes not only the best price but also the most appropriate motorization options that will work consistently and reliably within your budget.  ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ may be attractive but overall you only want to buy this once and have years of carefree operation.

All suppliers of automation components, motor and remote controls all speak different languages.  In other words, unless you integrate different systems with a home automation 

We believe the more you know, the better able you are to sift through some of the truths and untruths about motorization.