Pinched Pleat Drapery

Pinched Pleat Drapery
Elegant pinch pleats are the perfect way to showcase your chosen fabric. Folded pleats are permanently sewn along the curtain header, creating a stylishly uniform drape.

Starting at $275 *
per lined panel based on finished width of 24″ x 96″ 

Pinch pleat curtains are wonderfully versatile. They can be made to hang on either tracks or rods, and there are a number of different pinch pleat styles to suit any interior.  The photo on the left shows what a typical 3 finger  pinched pleat panel will look like.

Most drapery fabric is 54″ wide, when sewn each panel will be approximately 24″.  To determine the number of panels you’ll need to cover an opening simply take the size of the opening and divide by 24″.

Things to consider

You need to allow for stack-back, space the drapery will take up next to the opening when drawn to clear the opening.  The more glass or window area you want to have uncovered, the greater the amount of stack-back you will have and the room needed beside the opening to accommodate it.  A good rule of thumb is to allow for 1/3 of the width for stack-back.

Of course, if you are only looking to frame the opening with side panels you may only need 1 width of fabric or for a illusion of fullness  – 1 1/2 widths per panel which gives you 24-36″ of beautiful accent drapery bringing colour, softness and height to your room.

Drapery Lining


  • light filtering
  • dim-out
  • black-out
  • interling
A great combination of style and texture, our gorgeous pleat drapery brings timeless appeal to windows. Three-finger pleats are pinched approximately 1 1/2″ from the heading to create a stylish fan shape. Pinch Pleat Panels come with drapery pins pre-attached for use with traversing hardware and may also mount with rings.

  • 4″ heading with buckram (stiffener), double-turned to ensure strength and body
  • Pleat is tacked approximately 1 1/2″ above the heading
  • Pins can be set at 3/8″ for hanging on rings or decorative traversing hardware; or at 1 1/2″ for Euro Track Hardware Basics traversing rod
  • Standard 200% fullness, 250% fullness available
  • Expert hand-sewing and finishing with precise pattern matching and placement
  • Double-turned and blind-stitched hems; weighted corners and seams for perfect draping
  • Lining options for longevity, privacy, light control and insulation
Pinched Pleat Drapery Bedroom
You’ll find hundreds if not thousands of fabrics in this price range in our showrooms.

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