New Home
Pre-Planning for Motorized Shades

Building a new home?

Planning ahead avoids the question: ‘how do we run power for motorized shades’  behind newly finished walls when the homeowner decides during the finishing process that they want to incorporate motorized shades into their home.

Planning ahead, even pre-wiring avoids potential conflicts.

Home Automation Planning

Initial Considerations:

Casement depth – the clear mounting depth required to mount shades within the window opening to avoid headrail projection into the room.  Depending on the type of shades to be motorized this depth will vary and where the wiring will enter the casement.
Wiring – depends on the motorization type, amp requirements, voltage and control system choices.
Power requirements – depends on window and/or shade size with ultra-quiet motors able to handle shades up to 150″ x 250″ and linked shades spanning 36′
Pocket & Recessed Shades – ensuring the design allows room for recessed shades, size and type within a ceiling cavity.

Your project deserves the attention and experience that our 25 years experience brings to the project.  We continue to be experts in the design, supply and installation of motorized shades and drapery.

Open source solutions

Rather than limit clients selection by dealing with a ‘closed loop’ supplier we are ‘open source’ giving clients a greater choice in window covering and control options spanning a number of brands including Hunter Douglas.