Graber Blinds & Shades

Let one of our experts show you custom GRABER® window treatment solutions designed for your space. Let them take care of measuring and installation, too, so you’re guaranteed a perfect finish you’ll love for years.

Graber Motorized Sheer Horizontals

Motorized Blinds and Shades

Graber motorized blinds and shades offer the smartest way to make every day just a little bit easier. From our all-new Virtual Cord app to our new rechargeable battery power options, we’re offering you next-generation motorized blinds and shades for a connected, sophisticated experience in every room.

  • NEW Virtual Cord App and Gateway
  • NEW voice control integration
  • NEW rechargeable motor
  • NEW rechargeable battery pack with up to 20% more battery charge than other motors*
  • Whisper-quiet, powerful, and convenient motorized solutions for every space
Ease and Convenience
Our control options include easy-to-use remotes, an app for your mobile phone or tablet, and voice control with Google Home or Amazon Alexa for the most convenience
Energy Savings
Schedule your shades to raise or lower at peak times during the day to give your heating or air conditioning natural support for maximum energy savings
Sleek Style, Quiet Operation
Motorized shades create a clean, modern look, without any clutter from lift cords or distraction
Peace of Mind
With cord-free operation, Graber motorized shades are certified Best for Kids, ensuring your home is safer for children and pets

Smart Solutions

Simple Remote

Hard-to-Reach Window

A motorized blind or shade offers the right solution for a window that’s out of reach.

Room Control

Whether it’s the kids’ bedrooms or the living room, our options for controlling several blinds or shades in a room can make every day easier.


Our powerful remotes and all-new Virtual Cord app give you sophisticated solutions for controlling the shades in your home.

Smart Home Integration

Our all-new Virtual Cord app and gateway device offer smart home control with your mobile device and with voice control systems.

At Shades of Home we carry multiple window covering manufacturers so you will have the greatest available selection to choose from.  Each manufacturer offers different fabrics, textures, colours, cassettes, fascias and operating systems, both manual, cordless and motorized.

Drop by one of showrooms  to see for yourself the latest in window treatments.

Brands: Hunter Douglas, MaxXmar, EliteWF, SunGlow, Graber, Somfy