Condos and Lofts are…WALLS OF WINDOWS

THE EXPANSE Ceiling to floor, curved windows, multiple windows… Covering them while providing light control, reducing heat gain, providing privacy while adding visual impact and adding value without breaking the bank

Sunscreen Roller Shades are a popular and cost effective choice for maintaining your view while reducing heat gain.  In the public areas (Living, dining, sitting rooms) we recommend 3% sunscreen shades as they block 97% of the incoming light while allowing a view to the outside. In extreme cases, such as due south and west windows with an excessive amount of full day sun – we recommend 1%, semi-opaque or opaque (blackout) roller shades.
Sunscreen Roller Shades South Facing Condominium - 25th Floor
Dual Roller Shades combine a light filtering sunscreen or semi-opaque fabric roller shade with a separate room darkening or blackout roller shade.  Depending on the size of the opening these can be combined into one low profile cassette or fascia. They require two controls for each opening, one for the front shade and a separate control for the rear shade.

Dual roller shades are ideal for windows/rooms with a dual purpose such as a TV/Media or Bedroom where privacy is an issue during the day and blackout is required in the evenings to deal with with city lights.

Dual Roller Shade with Square Fascia

There are many benefits and justifiable reasons for choosing to motorize your roller shades.
1) It allows you to furnish your space without having to having to position furnishings to allow for room or access manual chain controls.  In effect, you are able to utilize 100% of your space.
2) You can remotely raise or lower your shades from anywhere in your suite or remotely from anywhere in the world with optional WiFi controllers using any device connected to the internet.

Motorized Roller Shades - Condo - Loft

All motorized shades can be installed, ‘recessed’ into the ceiling providing there is room for a 4 1/4” x 4 1/4” box to contain a single roller shade and a 5 1/2” x 5 1/2” box to contain a double roller shade. 110 VAC Wiring or 24VDC, 18VDC or 12VDC low voltage wiring has to terminate within the recess.

Recessed Motorized Roller Shades - Pocket
There are four styles of motorization

These are typically powered with a battery wand or plug in 12 volt transformer and can be installed with a Solar Battery Charger that constantly chargers the batteries requiring no battery changes or wiring. This option is ideal for hard to access windows.

For larger shades requiring a stronger motor to raise and lower the shades. Power for these is provided by a 24 volt plug-in transformer or if hardwired, a dedicated remotely installed 24 volt transformer with low voltage wiring running to each motorized shade.

Hunter Douglas PowerView shades utilize an 18volt system. Power options are 18 volt battery wand or 18 volt plug-in transformer. For hardwired applications a dedicated, remotely installed 18 volt transformer can be installed with low voltage wiring running to each motorized shade.

110 VOLT
This is the best and only option for very large shade with widths over 84” and heights up to 124”. More powerful than low voltage, the benefit is that one motor can be used to raise and lower up to 3 shades spanning a series of windows. These are individual shades that are linked (interconnected), all operating at the same time.

Somfy Range of Motors for roller shades

Modern sheers and drapery fabric can be light and airy while filtering the sun, reducing heat gain and providing privacy. Sheers are priced by the linear foot and most sheer fabrics are wide enough to make a continuous sheers without seams that can cover an unlimited expanse of windows.

With modern KS or CS ceiling mounted track and ripple fold headers, these sheers ‘float’ from the ceiling and have a minimal stack when open.

Motorization is relatively inexpensive as a single motor can operate a track, straight or curved up to 196” and more (an additional motor may be required to span 16 or more feet)

Lined drapery in the bedroom or TV/Media room has the added benefit of cutting down the noise of a busy city while providing the most room darkening and sound absorption.

Custom Drapery Black Sheers

Hunter Douglas Luminettes offer a combination of a privacy sheer fabric with semi-opaque or room darkening louvers that tilt vertically (left or right) to offer the best view and privacy from one side or the other.
Vertical Blinds with an incorporated (attached) sheer fabric wrap is also a less expensive option where the sheer can be removed, washed and reattached making it a low-cost long term option with the indestructibility of a vertical blind.

Sheer Wrapped Verticals - Condo - Wall to Wall

Hunter Douglas Silhouettes, Nantucket Silhouettes, Elite Sheer Horizontals, High Light Shades, Hunter Douglas Pirouettes

All of these shades have the built in dual capacity of privacy and light cotrol in the evenings and sunny days while offering diffused light during the day with the advantage of privacy dure to the sheers fabrics that make up half of the shade.

A dual shade (such as the Hunter Douglas Duolite or A-Deaux Silhouette) offer light filtering combined with a blackout shade that are each independently operable to allow the user to adjust the shades according to light/heat/privacy needs.

All these shades, with the exception of the High Light shade only operate in the dual mode when the shade is fully lowered.

Condo Loft Silhouette with Blackout Roller Shade Duolite

A permanent feature, shutters offer excellent room darkening, privacy (when louvers are closed) and are an excellent insulator against heat and cold.
A design issue with shutters in upper levels of a condo uilding where the reason for the purchase is the view, Shutters, being a permanent feature can not be folded out of the way easily (Unless you opt for multi-panel bi-fold) so you will always be looking ‘through’ the shutters. (something to consider before thinking about shutters)
They are ideal for lower floors where you can ‘split’ the louvers giving you privacy on the lower half while allowing a view from above.

Plantation Shutters Condo, clearview, side view